10 Benefits of Yerba Mate

All around the world, people enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to begin their morning. However, in some locations, people wake up to another drink. It is called yerba mate. Yerba mate is a drink that is traditional in South America. It is unique in that it offers the benefits of coffee, tea, and chocolate all in one drink.

Yerba mate is made from the dried leaves of a species of the holly plant. It grows wild, but it also is cultivated on plantations in the same way that tea is.

In the places where the beverage is consumed, it takes on the cultural significance that coffee and tea assume in the locations where they are consumed. People get together to have a cup of mate as a social event. To share a cup of mate together is to bond together in friendship.

Mate drinking possesses its own customs and vocabulary, just like coffee and tea do. In Uruguay, it is really popular. You might see people in the street sipping mate as they walk. It is also the official drink of Argentina. It is found in 92% of all Argentinian homes.

The taste of mate is somewhat like green tea. The popularity of mate is currently increasing worldwide. It is made in the same ways that tea is made. You can use mate tea bags or use a strainer or infuser. You can also make it in a French press. A more sophisticated way to serve it is in a gourd with a silver straw.

Mate has the same sort of effects that caffeine does. So, if you are sensitive to caffeine, then you will be sensitive to mate. Just like coffee, mate can have a laxative effect when consumed in large quantities.

The following are some of the benefits of yerba mate:

1. Smooth Increase in Energy

Yerba mate is recognized for giving a rise in energy that is known for being gentle, clean, and calm. If you compare it to other beverages such as coffee and tea, then mate is known for giving the most balanced energy boost.

Mate drinkers get the same sort of buzz that coffee gives without the side effects of coffee. This assumes that you don’t take a very large dose of it. It is a stimulant, of course.

It doesn’t interfere with sleep and doesn’t give you the jitters. It is even used by athletes to enhance their performance.

Since it has such a balanced effect, it is good for people who have fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.

The amount of caffeine that mate contains is more than tea but less than coffee. One cup contains 85 milligrams. There is a myth that mate contains a unique compound that is a stimulant. This is not scientifically known to be true. The mythical compound is known as mateine. There is a theory that mateine is caffeine that is bound to a tannin or phenol in the raw leaf.