10 Signs of Drug Abuse

Different drugs manifest uniquely in the human body bringing up both behavioral and physical signs and symptoms that indicate drug use and abuse. Commonly, most people use drugs in social situations, and the desire to fit in with the acquaintances sneaks up, gradually leading to reliance on a drug to fulfill a developed desire. One may also use certain drugs to energize or calm their body, or relieve chronic pains as well as cope with panic attacks and the reliance on the drugs may cross the line from the casual use to addiction and abuse. The following are various symptoms that show that you may need to seek professional medical help to overcome drug abuse.

1. Bloodshot Eyes

Most drugs affect the eyes differently, but most tend to cause eye redness. Tobacco abuse causes red, itchy and dry eyes as the smoke is toxic and irritates the eyes. Marijuana also causes bloodshot eyes due to THC causing dilation of blood vessels. Also, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to red bloodshot eyes. Oxygen supply to the red blood cells is reduced resulting to clumping of blood vessels thus reddening the eyes. The other cause for bloodshot eyes is accumulated fatigue due to long hours drug abusers spend awake maintaining their high and lack of adequate sleep that interferes with the regular oxygen supply to the eyes.