10 Symptoms of Autism

Regrettably, we have no new information about autistic disorders as a ‘modern disease.’ Perhaps it is a product of today’s culture, and perhaps it has always been present but not diagnosed. Another theory is that our modern diets and lifestyle promote autism.

1. Inappropriate social interaction

Individuals with autistic disorders have difficulty reacting appropriately to situations that involve others. That concept is a little thick, so let’s give an example. A ‘normal’ person, adult or child, has an innate understanding of social situations and the responses of people around them, while an autistic person, or child, does not. One could imagine an autistic’s social world as continually landing on a strange planet where they are subjected to job interviews in foreign languages without any cues or even rational for being there.

Autistic children may become frustrated and lash out at people around them, while autistic adults may have more coping mechanisms yet still respond ‘in the wrong language’, or fail to respond when called upon.