10 Symptoms of Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease is the common term for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, and it is a prion disease. It’s called mad cow disease because it’s transmitted through beef. Ingesting the prions (nervous system tissue) of cattle with the illness cause the person ingesting the tissue to become infected with the disease. Luckily, the disease is extremely rare. There are no symptoms at first. It often takes about 20 years for symptoms to appear, but it is fatal 100% of the time.

Individuals who show symptoms of the illness often die within a few months. However, afflicted individuals may survive for as long as a year or die within a few weeks of showing symptoms. The signs and symptoms of the disease severely reduce the quality of life for sufferers as well. You can inherit the disease. This is the cause of 5-10% of cases. It’s also possible to contract the disease from a medical procedure.

1. Anxiety

People who suffer from the disease often become anxious for no reason. Many sufferers find that they become anxious from minor occurrences that they would generally ignore. The anxious mood can result in personality changes.

As the disease progresses, sufferers develop holes in their brain. The holes can damage the parts of the brain that are responsible for keeping you calm.

The anxious mood caused by the disease can be intermittent. The anxious mood may subside for long periods of time before it resurfaces. In some cases, the anxious state can take the form of panic attacks. While the anxious state can occur without psychotic symptoms in some cases, the anxious state is often exacerbated by delusions and hallucinations. The physical symptoms of mad cow disease often cause increased anxiety as well.