3 Benefits of Doing Cardio VS Weight Lifting

For years, there have been debates over whether it is better to do cardio or to lift weights. While it will likely be an ongoing debate for many years to come, there are some conclusions that experts have come to. One conclusion is that there are some excellent benefits to both and which one is chosen to focus on is going to depend on what goals a person hopes to achieve. This article will focus on some of the excellent benefits of doing cardio vs weight lifting.

Greater Fat Loss

If the goal is to lose extra fat, then cardiovascular exercise is the way to a go. A study done at Duke University, over the course of 8 months, split overweight individuals into two test groups. One of the test groups did cardio and the other test group did strength training. At the end of the study, the cardio group lost an average of four pounds per person and the strength training group gained an average of two pounds per person and didn’t lose fat. The reason that cardiovascular fitness is such an effective fat burner is because it burns more calories. Since the key to fat loss is burning off more calories than consumed, it only makes sense that burning more calories via cardiovascular fitness will allow a person to lose more fat and more weight overall.

Reduces Anxiety

Another benefit of doing cardiovascular exercise is the ability that it must reduce stress and anxiety. When an individual goes running, it gives them the opportunity to move their body, clear their head, and get their blood pumping through their entire body. During this process, the body begins to release endorphins that help them to essentially “feel good”. When it comes to weightlifting, there are not yet enough studies to indicate that it does the same. So, if someone is looking for a way to clear their head and feel better about themselves, they should throw in a good running session.

No Equipment Is Needed

One of the great things about cardiovascular exercise is that equipment is not needed to do it. A person simply needs their body and some space to move. This makes it possible to do almost anywhere. In contrast, if someone wanted to do strength training, they would need a great deal of equipment. This equipment is generally located in most gyms, or can be purchased for home use. However, this requires an investment, which some people just don’t have. If health is a priority for someone, but funds are tight, then cardiovascular exercise is an excellent place to start.

Overall, an individual really can’t lose when they decide to focus on cardio. It is perfect for those who would like to focus on losing some extra fat, would like to produce some endorphins that help to reduce their stress and anxiety, or want to do something that doesn’t require the use of equipment or money and can be done pretty much anywhere.