5 Alternatives To Cardio

Five Alternatives To Cardio

Apart from improved heart health, increased metabolism and better hormonal profile, cardio exercise poses other numerous health and fitness benefits. However, when it comes to cardio exercise, running is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people have trouble jogging or running due to various reasons such as nursing injuries and burns. Also, others just need alternative exercise as a means of spicing up things. The following cardio alternatives are just as efficient as running since they serve the same purpose and more.

Stair Climbing

Although many people substantially focus on the butt-boosting aspect of climbing stairs, the same has other benefits such as resulting to a powerful heart pump. Moreover, the exercise engages more leg muscles since individuals have to lift their body upward with every stair taken. As a result, the overall lower body strength is well boosted. Stairs are more comfortable on the joints in comparison to classical sprints hence improving motion range and agility. Stairs work perfectly when switched with squats and hops.


For any joint-related issues, swimming is the ultimate cardio exercise alternative. Being in the water diminishes the weight that gravity puts on the body regularly. Lap swimming and aquatic aerobic classes are calorie-destroying exercises that will get the heart pumping even faster. Another benefit of swimming is that it tones the core, arms, and shoulders, helping one shape a more etched body.


Bicycle riding is an incredible other option to regular cardio since it is easy in incorporating in everyday activities, and it is also a considerable measure of fun! Accelerating on a bicycle works both the lower body and the heart, without applying the effect that one would put on the knees amid other cardio exercises. A special reward to bicycle riding is the noticeable advantage to the environment. In spite of the fact that one ought to extend after each training, it is particularly critical to stretch after a bicycle riding exercises. One should mainly concentrate on quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and chest for 30 seconds in every area.


Making use of the rowing machine for cardio training targets the legs, arms as well as the abs. With the correct form, rowing can also focus on the chest muscles, biceps, triceps, the back and the abdominals. As a matter of fact, the development of pushing and pulling on a rowing machine may be more compelling than conventional strength training since it hits and targets the majority of the significant muscle gatherings, as indicated by research by Duke University. Beginners in rowing should ensure they consult about the proper form for them to get the most out such alternative to cardio.

Jumping Rope

Rope jumping not only offers a cardiovascular challenge that is hard to match but is also pocket-friendly. Jumping rope keeps the core engaged, works the thighs and calves, bolsters balance and boosts the body’s metabolism. Jump rope workouts fit precise into the high-intensity interval training, which is an excellent choice for weight loss and swift cardio fitness advances.

The above alternatives to cardio exercise are the ideal choice in getting rid of boredom and monotony when working out. The alternatives are reasonably as competent as jogging since they target similar areas.