6 Advantages of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling, although a relatively new practice here, is a practice that originated in India. It has been done for more than 3,000 years. Oil pulling is when someone takes a small amount (one tablespoon full) of oil (usually coconut, sesame, or sunflower) and swishes it in their mouth for 20 minutes before spitting it out. Studies show that oil pulling has many benefits, most of which provide health advantages for those who continuously follow the practice.
Even those with dental education recommend taking advantage of the benefits. Many suggest starting with a shorter time ram, such as 5 minutes, before working up to 20 minute increments. They also point out that oil pulling should not replace flossing or brushing teeth and remind people that once done, they should spit the oil into a trash can rather than the sink, as the oil can clog drains over time. As complex as the idea may seem, it truly is rather simple. The microorganisms that are found in a person’s mouth consist of a single cell covered in a fatty membrane. When the cell and the oil used come into contact, they are attracted to each other. As the oil is swished around in a person’s mouth, the two stick together. Many refer to this as the “sucking of toxins” as it is believed that the oil pulls out any toxins that may have been present in the mouth, or even the rest of the body.

1. Whitens Teeth

Oil pulling, especially with coconut oil is said to be good for whitening a person’s teeth. Typically teeth whitening is done with products that contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide among other chemicals, but with oil pulling it is done with the lauric acid that is found in coconut oi. The fatty acid helps to remove bacteria and plaque that has built up on a person’s teeth. Coconut oil is an all natural alternative to other teeth whitening products providing equal results without the use of chemicals that could cause issues with long term use. Of course, as previously mentioned oil pulling alone is not ideal, so it is always recommended that those who partake in the practice of oil pulling still use a tooth brush, toothpaste, and floss on a daily basis. Increases energy. Oil pulling draws out toxins that are found in the body. It is believed in ancient Ayurvedic tradition where oil pulling with first started the factors related to stress diet weather or even strained relationships can all affect the balance of a person’s energy. This unbalanced energy can lead to them being more susceptible to different diseases. Oil pulling can help increase the good energy which then gives a person’s body the ability in immunity to fight off the disease they may have otherwise been susceptible to.