6 Signs Of Heart Rate Training

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a new face at your local gym, you’ve probably heard of heart rate training. Heart rate training is the use of a monitor- generally a wrist or armband- to gauge your heart rate during various exercises. By increasing and decreasing the intensity of your workouts, you can accelerate or decelerate your heart rate, directly affecting your fat burn and overall workout.

Heart rate training has become a fad as off recently. Many work out locations even offer classes where you can rent a heart rate monitor and see your results on screen in real time as you work out. This training can be incredibly difficult at first but have many benefits for your body in the long run.

Heart rate training will have a direct impact on your body; here are the top 6 signs to look for as you engage in heart-rate training:

1) Recover Faster

The more in shape you are, and the longer you engage in heart rate training, the faster you will recover. If you do an exercise and can feel your chest pounding, you will notice your body going back to normal more quickly as you engage in this training for longer amounts of time. When you are first starting out, your recovery time may take a while. Do not worry, this is completely normal, and it is okay to take breaks during heart rate training to adjust. As time goes on, however, you will notice your body bouncing back faster than ever. A quick recovery does not just apply to heart rate, however. The more heart rate training you engage in, the faster your body will recover overall. Heart rate training speeds up many systems in the body. This will lead to stronger blood vessels and overall quicker cell repair. For instance, if you cut your leg, you will notice the wound healing exponentially faster if you are engaging in heart rate training. Overall, this training speeds up your bodies recovery time after a workout and in general. This will make you overall healthier and leave your body running more smoothly and efficiently.