6 Tips For Treating A Hang Nails

Fingernails tell a lot about a person. Whether they are a smoker, have underlying health conditions, routinely pamper themselves at a salon, and even what they might do for work are all stories that a person’s nails can tell, but some unsightly problems result in a person not wanting to show off their nails at all, like hang nails. These flaws are not only discouraging cosmetically but can be painful and pose other serious health concerns.

While it is not necessarily recommended to just rip a hang nail off, it is salient to note the other options for abating this issue. Because there are so many causes of hang nails, including biting your nails, poor cuticle maintenance, manual labor, health issues, poor lifestyle choices, and excessive washing, the chance for developing one is inevitable at best and carries the same dangers. From developing an infection such as cellulitis or fungal to having nail conditions that are permanent, pesky hang nails are an issue and a common one to boot. The ways to treat this problem are bountiful, beneficial to a person’s overall health, and ultimately contribute to great nail strength and appearance. They are pretty enjoyable as well.

So, if you are ready to say so long to your hang nails, first learn why you have them and everything else will fall into place.

1. Simple Enough: Don’t Bite Your Nails

A plethora of issues exist when it comes to nail biting, most of which are unknown. While most don’t intend to bite their nails, they fall victim to this nervous habit and the problems associated with it, including the transference of mouth bacteria to other areas of your body. Nail infections, including paronychia, are prominent in nail biters, too. To make matters worse, those who excessively nibble on their nails can contract warts on their fingernails from the spread of the human papilloma virus (HPV), which can eventually spread to the mouth and lips.

Of course, hang nails result from nail biting as they cause broken skin on the cuticles and surrounding area. While it is impossible to label all of those who bite their nails as having a mental disorder, it can be said that certain steps in avoiding the issue are effective in people of all types and ages.

“Don’t bite your nails” is a command you may find impossible, but keeping a record of your triggers will better isolate the issue entirely. Whether it be boredom or stress, understanding the issue is ideal. Others report keeping their nails covered in band aids as being useful and that keeping nails short and maintained help, too.