7 Health Benefits of Veganism

7. Lower Cholesterol

You’ve probably heard that Vegans have great cholesterol. While it may seem like a stereotype, it’s actually true. Because cholesterol is purely a problem resulting from consuming meat and animal products, Vegan diets are completely cholesterol-free. That might sound a little scary if you’ve heard that a certain amount of cholesterol is vital for your cells. But don’t fret – your body is more than capable of making all the cholesterol we need when you feed your body the right kind of food. A Vegan diet allows for plenty of great foods that promote the healthy “self-production” of cholesterol within your body. So, is the Vegan lifestyle right for you? Only you and your doctor can decide that. But it can be a very healthy and helpful alternative to meat-based diets, and it definitely comes with a lot of colors, creativity, and health benefits.