7 Signs of a Torn Meniscus

Your knee has two menisci. The menisci are cartilage shaped in a C-shape. They act like cushions between your thigh bone and shinbone. A torn meniscus is an injury to your knee. This is a common type of knee injury that occurs when your knee rotates or twists when putting your full weight on it. The twist or rotation occurs because of a sudden stop or aggressive pivot in another direction. Your meniscus can tear even if you kneel, squat or lifting something heavy. If you are an older adult, degenerative changes in your knee can contribute to a torn meniscus without trauma to the knee.

1. Pain

When something is wrong in your body, your nervous system will send a response to your brain. This response is called a pain signal, or an unpleasant feeling. This unpleasant feeling ranges from prick, sting, ache or tingle to burning. You may experience this unpleasant feeling in any area of your body including your abdomen, back, chest or pelvis. You may feel this pain throughout your body..

The cause of your pain depends on the underlying cause. This underlying cause may inflammation, disease or injury. It may be acute or chronic. Acute means the unpleasant feeling occurs for a short amount time. Chronic means the unpleasant feeling occurs for a long period of time and cause severe problems. This symptom is subjective. This means that you have to explain the amount of unpleasant feeling you are experiencing to explain your torn meniscus. It can go away without treatment. If it cannot, treatment may be relieved by medicines, physical therapy or surgery.