8 Tips For Bikram Yoga

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Bikram Yoga is the hottest (pun intended) craze in fitness these days. Bikram Yoga is a type of hatha yoga, replete with series of various postures as well as breathing exercises. What separates Bikram Yoga from other forms of yoga is the fact that it takes place in an environment that is heated to an extremely high temperature. As you can imagine, this brings a whole set of challenges that regular old room temperature yoga does not have. First and foremost among these is the possibility of dehydration. With dehydration can come cramping. No one wants to cramp in the middle of a yoga session, and such cramping can easily put an end to a session. But there are other problems besides dehydration and overheating, and the following list of tips can help you to avoid them. So, if you are planning on taking your first Bikram Yoga class, or even if you are a seasoned veteran of Bikram Yoga, the list can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls Bikram Yoga students tend to run into. If you read these 8 tips, though, and follow them accordingly, you can find Bikram Yoga to be a wonderful addition to your fitness routine.

1. Handle The Heat

The first tip s to Handle the Heat. This means to make sure that you are prepared for the high heat that comes in a Bikram Yoga session. The temperature in a session is ideally between 98 and 104 degrees fahrenheit (that is 35-42 celsius). These are temperatures that would be challenging to anyone, but especially if you are also exercising. Therefore, the first thing is to be prepared for this temperature. Many people attend their first Bikram Yoga session unaware of just how hot it will be. Knowledge is the first step. Also, be aware that a beginning session of Bikram Yoga will last a full 90 minutes, and will include a series of 26 different yoga postures. This series will be performed twice during each session. Be in a mindset that this will be a very challenging hour and a half, and not just a simple series of stretches. This mindset will produce in you the attitude that is necessary to take the further steps and to ensure you have a successful but challenging session.