9 Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet, or Paleolithic Diet is an approach to eating that reduces your food intake to that of a hunter-gatherer. In other words, you’ll be eating the way your long-gone ancestors did, the way the human body evolved to eat. As suggested by its name, it focuses on foods available to humans during the Paleolithic Era.

Lucky for you, there was a wide variety during this time in human history, but you will have to avoid processed foods and dairy. There are significant health benefits to following this diet because you’re eating healthful foods while ingesting fewer harmful additives, sugar and salt. You can avoid problems like obesity and rampant tooth decay, among many other conditions by adhering to a strict Paleo Diet.

1. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious health condition that is primarily caused by overeating sugars, including carbohydrates that turn to sugar. Your body can only naturally balance blood sugar levels so much. The Paleo Diet has advantages over a typical diet because you eat a lot of natural animal protein, healthy fats and vegetables.

You’re not eating cakes, pretzels, breads and other carbs that can make your blood sugar skyrocket. Barring disorders that affect how you process carbs and sugar, a Paleo Diet will balance your blood sugar by default. If you do have diabetes or any other metabolic diseases, you should discuss any changes in your diet with a licensed physician.