Diets For Quick Weight Loss

The Paleo Diet

Paleo has emerged in recent years as a top contender for those seeking easy and fast diets that deliver quick weight loss success. The paleo diet has also been connected with health benefits such as allergy reduction, improved sleep patterns, and clearer skin. The diet restricts consumption to lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Weight loss on this plan is rapid at first, with some followers reportedly losing ten pounds in their first week and then leveling off to a rate of a pound or two per week.

This diet is appropriate for those seeking health benefits beyond simple weight loss.

The No Carb Diet

The beauty of this diet is that it has only one simple rule: don’t eat carbs. Beyond that, a person can eat whatever they want and still see results.

This plan is similar to the paleo diet in its pattern of quick weight loss in the beginning that levels off in later weeks.

For those seeking fast and easy results, the no carb diet can be a strong choice.

Calorie Restriction

Rather than dictate what kinds of food a person eats, this diet is only concerned with how much they eat.

This diet centers on a person restricting their calorie consumption to below their body’s daily requirements. To compensate, their body breaks down fat stores to free the caloric energy it requires.

This diet has the steadiest loss rate of the three mentioned here, with followers typically losing one to two pounds per week. That makes this diet appropriate for those looking for steadier and longer-term changes to their weight.

Using Exercise to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Exercise is a great way to see additional results from any diet. Not only does exercise burn calories on its own, it can also raise a person’s metabolic rate causing their body to consume more calories even when they are not exercising.

No matter what diet a person chooses, it is important to commit to it long term. While dieters may see quick weight loss in the early stages of a nutritional change, the pounds can return just as fast if they return to their previous habits.