10 Fitness Tips

Whether you are trying to get into shape for the New Year, or just want to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, starting your fitness journey today will help you meet your personal goals. Follow the top 10 tips on fitness to kick-start your workouts or integrate these tips into your current fitness program.

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1. Watch what you eat.

Just because something is advertised as having “protein” or “real fruits” as an ingredient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Read nutrition labels and limit your sugar intake. The amount of sugar you intake daily should be based on your sex, height and weight. Talk to your doctor before starting any diet changes.

2. Cardio

Cardio is not only a great way to lose weight but also a great energy booster. Start slow and work your way up to where you feel comfortable in your cardio. Over extending yourself can make you feel defeated and not want to go back to the gym. Increase your distance and incline daily and you will hit your goal in no time.

3. Get a Good Playlist

Motivation, motivation, motivation. Some days it is hard to get to the gym, there are always a million excuses. Create a playlist that you are excited about and that is long enough to last your whole workout. Stay upbeat and use it to block out the rest of the gym. A playlist you enjoy can keep you focused on the task at hand and keep you motivated.

4. Have A Plan

Having a plan for anything in life is the best way to stay on track and remain focused on your goal. Make sure your workout schedule is structured so that you can realistically stick to it. Don’t schedule your workouts for 4am if you aren’t a morning person. Monthly and weekly goals accompanied by daily diet and workout plans will clearly map the path toward completing your goal.

5. Social Media

Instagram, bloggers, YouTubers and other social media mediums are filled with men and women tracking their fitness path. Social media is an organic (and free) way to get tips from people who are going through the same process as you. You may also discover new innovative workouts to try. Following fitness focused social media can give you the motivation you need when you start to slow down.

6. Track Your Progress

Keep a journal, blog or vlog of your weekly progress, update short-term goals and push yourself. When you track your progress you can see how far you have come and how strong you are becoming. If you feel comfortable with what you have achieved, you may start your own social media journal and share your progress with others. Having people track your path may inspire them and keep you even more motivated.

7. Take Classes

Lifting weights and running aren’t your thing? No problem, take a yoga class, kickboxing class, or spin class. Classes are an interactive and fun way to get active. Not every class is for everyone. Find the class that motivates and excites you to be active and stick with it. Fitness classes are a great way to meet other people who are on the same path as you.

8. Grab a partner

Working out alone may be right for some people, but if you’re having trouble keeping on track, grab a partner. Having a partner is an extra tool to hold you accountable for sticking to your plan. Find someone who will motivate you and who you can motivate in return. As mentioned above, classes are a great place to meet other people who are trying to stay active. They are in the same classes as you and may have similar fitness goals.

9. Cut the alcohol

This is the hardest tip for people to follow. Cutting alcohol from your diet will not only make you feel better, but will actually make you healthier. Rewarding yourself on the weekends with a few drinks may set your progress back. Alcohol has detrimental effects on your body. Stay focused on your plan, save your money and skip the bars. Your body will thank you later.

10. Breathe

Meditating and keeping focus will be the key to having a fitness plan that works. Stay on track and follow the process you laid out for yourself. Everyone has a busy schedule so it’s imperative to find time to sit by yourself, without the phone and emails, to really reflect on your day, your life, and your future goals. Keeping a grounded mental state will help everything else fall into place.