Laughter Therapy

People are always coming up with innovative ways to combat issues like depression, stress and anger. People who are facing terminal illnesses and other life crises also need to have ways to combat all of the emotional aspects of those situations. Laughter therapy is a fairly new concept that is now sweeping the nation. It takes some of the oldest principles in the book and applies them in a professionally organized manner. Here’s a little bit more information on it and why it works perfectly.

What Exactly Is Laughter Therapy

Smile therapy is a therapeutic method that focuses on the art of laughing. People use different approaches to the therapy. Some practitioners focus on the comedic stimuli while others focus on just the bodily movements that are associated with laughter. All methods usually work because they end up with the same result, which is people laughing.

How Does Smile Therapy Work?

Smile therapy can work in different ways depending on the environment. For example, some specialists hold clubs or classes where classmates come together inside of a room or building and then they practice their laughter. Other practitioners may take funny books or movies into their patients’ hospital beds. Some people will read those books to the receiving parties.


Why Is Laughter Therapy Effective?

One of the main reasons that laughter therapy works is because it causes some things to occur in the brain. The release of endorphins is one of the things that happens when someone starts to laugh a lot. The release can cause a general feeling of well-being. it can give the person energy and make him or her more talkative, too. Laughing has a ton of benefits that are attached to it, as well. One of those benefits is that it increases the amount of oxygen that the body is getting. Another benefit is that it can balance the blood flow. Thirdly, it can improve overall mental functions.


Laughter or smile therapy can improve the quality of a person’s life because it can teach that person to truly look at the things that are wonderful about life instead of focusing on the negative circumstances. Just the fact that we are able to laugh and receive such a sense of wellness is a blessing in itself. Laughter therapy can help people to count their blessings and see them in the midst of some of the most challenging circumstances. It’s a recommended practice for anyone who is facing difficult times.