New Year, New Body

With the holidays and the new year quickly approaching, now is a good time to start researching steps you can take to implement a healthy lifestyle in 2018.

Every year brings with it a variety of trendy eating and diet plans. Here are a few that hold great promise for 2018.

Whole-Foods Diet – One of the most straightforward ways to cut extra calories out of your diet is by simplifying the food that you eat. The closer the ingredients you use are to their natural state, the better. Whole foods including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are low-calorie and nutritionally dense, making them an excellent food choice for fueling your day. Regular consumption of eggs, dairy, fish, meat, and poultry, are a part of a whole-foods eating plan.

Plant-Based Diet – A plant-based diet is very similar to a whole-foods diet, with the exception that people following this type of diet may eliminate or significantly reduce the consumption of meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy.

Ketogenic or Low Carb Diet – Low carb diets have been around for a long time. The concept behind this diet approach is to cut the overall amount of carbohydrates consumed in a day to stimulate fat burning. Foods including processed foods, potatoes, sugar, legumes, rice, bread, pasta, grains, milk, soy products, and tropical fruits are not permitted when following a low carb diet plan.

Calorie Counting – If you are reluctant to jump on any specific diet plan, dieting couldn’t get any easier than just counting all of the calories you eat in a day. While everyone will have different calorie requirements based on age, gender, and height, the simple math works. When you burn or deficit 3,500 calories, you’ll lose one pound of fat nearly without fail. Not to mention that calorie counting helps keep you accountable for your efforts.

Boost Your Results Using Exercise

It’s no secret that there is an endless number of benefits of exercising. Regular exercise helps burn fat, strengthens muscles, improves heart and lung capacity, and just makes you feel good!

Individualized workout plans are helpful in plotting a course to achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. These days, most gyms offer new members a health and fitness consultation or a session with a personal trainer to talk about your goals, timeline, and any limitations you have. Using this information, they can help you establish a workout plan that fits your personality, lifestyle, and your fitness and health levels.

If working out with others helps keep you motivated, your personalized workout plan might include cardio or fitness classes such as water aerobics, spinning classes, TRX Classes, or toning and strength classes.

Regular sessions with a personal trainer keep you accountable and on track to meet your fitness goals in 2018. More importantly, your personal trainer can make changes and adjustments to your routine, as needed, as you progress through your body shaping transformation process.

It’s time for New Body – New You – 2018!