Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet

Although people have the advantage of being able to choose their diet based on a wide variety of factors, many decide their diet based on health views and commitments to their beliefs. One diet that has become trendy and modern is a vegan diet, consisting of foods that come solely from plant sources and are free from any animal products. There are several pros and cons to this type of diet which should be considered when it comes to good health.

Pros of Eating A Vegan Diet

There is a large amount of praise for the vegan diet due to the fact that it helps animal lovers to show a real display of compassion by reducing the amount of animal cruelty which occurs. Nutritionally, this type of diet can be very healthy with a wide range of the food choices being heart healthy while providing higher amounts of fiber and antioxidants. High fiber diets offer less strain in the bathroom and can relieve pain from hemorrhoids. For beginning vegans, there are several companies which produce transition foods that mimic non-vegan options such as meats, fish and dairy.

Weight loss is very common while eating vegan. Lean muscle mass is possible with high protein vegetable sources such as beans, legumes and nuts. Green vegetables are also known to have large amounts of protein. Another benefit of eating vegan is how the body reduces in offensive odors and energy increases. The libido is also affected as a healthier diet usually means a healthier sex drive.

Cons of the Vegan Diet

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to taking on a vegan diet. Many people will tend to think that vegans have a very small selection of foods so they do not venture past salads and stay very conservative when trying new foods. This can lead to malnutrition as most salads are very lacking in nutritional value.

Consuming large amounts of vegetables and fruits will make bowel movements very regular. Many people who struggled to go once per day may now notice they are going several times a day and have an increase in flatulence. This may not be a con for those who have had issues going in the past.

An all plant based diet contains most of the food based allergens which could really restrict those who have many food sensitivities. Dining out with other socialites can become an issue, unless the party researches vegan friendly options.

Many sources will say that this type of diet will restrict access to the top 8 vitamins that should be taken daily, but it is important to note that there are several plant based sources for almost every vitamin that is necessary in the body. If it is a real concern for those with a health based mentality on vitamin deficiency, there are both vegan and non-vegan options for supplements available to get everything the body needs. So, this option solves the issue of vitamin deficiency with common poor dietary choices of all types of diets.