Skip The Gym: 10 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Many people think they need to fork out a lot of money for a costly gym membership to attain their fitness goals. While a gym does make getting fit easier, it is just as simple to get the results desired from working out at home. Exercising at home can also be completely free, if body-weight-baring exercises are incorporated into the daily routine. Whether the resistance to joining a gym centers around a lack of time, minimal finances or the weather and climate, everyone can can a good workout from the comfort and convenience of their own home with these essential exercises.


Arguably one of the most effective full body workouts is the plank. To execute the plank, first get into a classic push-up position. The elbows should be aligned directly beneath the shoulders and the body should look like a straight line from the head to the toes. Then, hold this position for as long as possible. While it is a basic isometric exercise, it is highly effective in building and strengthening the shoulders, core, lower back, arms and the back of the legs.

HIIT/Running and Walking in Place

To rev up metabolism and get the heart rate up, running in place is a great workout. Alternating bouts of high-intensity running with low-intensity walking every few minutes also burns more calories, as it keeps the body guessing during the workout. These short bursts of intensity are often referred to as high-intensity interval training: HIIT, for short. People can expect to burn several hundred more calories an hour with a workout including high-intensity interval training. For a more intense workout, extend the arms straight out and try to have the knees touch the hands for maximum caloric burn.

Squat Jumps

This particular workout requires a set of light hand weights, but a couple of soup cans or water bottles will also work perfectly. To perform a squat jump, hold a weight in each hand with bent elbows held in tight to the body and the weights ready to be pushed straight up in the air. Stand with the feet shoulder-length apart. Bend the knees, bringing the rear down 90 degrees, if possible. Make sure that the knees never extend beyond the ankle, as this could cause hyper-extension. From the lowered position, jump straight up in the air while simultaneously lifting the weights straight above the head. Land in the bent-knee position, bringing the elbows down in tight to the body, and repeat the exercise for the maximum number of reps. This exercise not only tightens and tones the entire body; it is also an effective cardiovascular workout.

Daily physical activity is vital for health maintenance and disease prevention. Some other quick exercises that are highly effective are abdominal crunches, jumping jacks, standard push-ups, lunges and jump roping in place. All of these workouts strengthen the entire body, and they also provide a great cardiovascular workout. As with any workout regime, a nutritious diet is also essential for optimum health.