The Benefits of Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants is explained as a prosthesis that is used to change the contour, shape, and the size of the breast of a woman. In reconstructive plastic surgery, usually, breast implants could be placed for restoring a natural looking breast heap for post-mastectomy breast restoration patients or for correcting congenital disabilities as well as chest wall deformities.

Breast Implants Explained

They are used cosmetically for enhancing or enlarging the breast appearance through breast implant surgery. There are three types of devices for breast implant, characterized by their filler material:

· Composite filler
· Silicone Gel
· Saline solution

The saline implant consists of an elastomer silicone shell that is filled with a sterile saline solution during breast implant surgery. The silicone implant consists of an elastomer silicone shell that is pre-filled with sticky silicone gel. The alternative composition implants composition implants have miscellaneous fillers, like polypropylene string and soy oil. In surgical practice, for breast reconstruction, tissue expander device is known to be a temporary breast prosthesis that is used to form as well as establish an implant pocket, which is for a later permanent breast implant. For male breast deformities and defect correction, the pectoral implant is often the breast prosthesis that is used for the reconstruction as well as the aesthetic repair of the chest wall of a man.

What are the Benefits of Getting Breast Implants?

· Increased confidence in women-Results in getting back to enjoying their life again.
· Ideal body image- Perception is reality; women end up having a great body as well as a petit bust line.
· Breast Symmetry – Most women have breasts that are uneven in shape and size. Breast implant surgery could resolve the problem easily, resulting in even-sized and symmetrical breasts.
· Make women’s breast look younger even if they have aged.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost? 

Cost of breast implants often varies by doctor, geographical area, the type of implant, and the complexity of the procedure. Other factors that often increase the overall cost of breast implant include the anesthesia for the procedure and post-surgery care fees.

Surgeon and Location 

American Society of Plastic surgeon statistics shows that the average surgery cost was $ 3,719 in 2016. This price does not include other related costs, so, it is possible for the overall cost to range from $5000 to around $10,000. The price is often dependent on the skills of the surgeon, the experience and of course, the type of facility he or she provides. The experience goes a long way in determining the cost, but since this is not a typical cosmetic procedure, it is important to go with an experienced surgeon. The cost of breast implant may be slightly higher in bigger cities. The cost in Cleveland may be slightly lower than in Dallas or Los Angeles or California.

Breast Implant Type Cost Comparison

Essentially, there are two types of implant: Silicone gel and Saline. Saline implants are often more affordable since they are filled with a saltwater solution that makes up most of the human body; however, they are not as firm to touch as silicone gel implants. Precisely, the gel fills as the natural breast tissue; however, this possesses some risk, which may require a regular doctor visit ultimately increasing the costs. The national average cost of saline implants is $ 3,268 while silicone cost $3, 618. It is important to consult the surgeon to determine the viable option.

Breast Implant Costs Covered by Insurance

Health insurance rarely provides covers related to cosmetic surgery or related complication, and this includes breast implants. Nevertheless, some insurance will cover the removal of surgical reconstruction or breast reduction where overly developed breasts cause other health issues. Therefore, it is important to refer to health insurance policy before having a breast implant.