Top 10 Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners are a healthier and tastier alternative refined sugar and artificial sweeteners because they have more nutrients. Most of these sweeteners are not refined in any way. This means a person is consuming natural, healthier sugar.

Another benefit is there is not one type of sweetener considered natural. They can be made from a natural source such as raw sugar cane. They can be a mix of real fruits. One purpose of the sweeteners is to offer an alternative to using unhealthy, refined sugar.

Sometimes natural sweeteners are called added sugars because they are added to food while they are made. For instance, cocktails and teas have natural sweeteners in them to sweeten the drinks. They are also used when making waffle toppings, desserts and placed on cereals.

It is important to note that sweeteners considered “natural” are not necessarily based on calorie count. A natural sweetener can have the same calorie count as refined sugar. That is why it is important to understand which natural sweetener is best. Natural sweeteners are separated into two categories: those with and without calories.

For example, maple syrup is one type of natural sweetener full of flavor. It also has calories. Stevia, another type of natural sweetener, has no calories. Consuming natural sweeteners have plenty of benefits. The benefits often depend on the particular natural sweetener. It is important to consume any natural sweetener in moderation. It is also important to ask a medical professional which natural sweetener is best for anyone who has a medical condition such as diabetes or wanting to lose weight.

1. Raw Honey: Raw honey is made by bees. The honey, in its raw form, is not only a natural sweetener; it is also a superfood. Raw honey is packed with antioxidants, enzymes, potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin B6. The term “raw” is just because it has not been cooked or refined in any way. Once honey is cooked, it loses a lot of its healthy benefits like enzymes. Raw honey benefits a person’s digestive system and assist in boosting immunity against bad microorganisms. The honey is also good for home remedies like healing a sore throat.

A tablespoon of raw honey has about 64 calories. Its glycemic level is less than one banana. The darker the raw honey, the higher in antioxidants and more flavorful. To retain the benefits of raw honey, never cook it. Instead, add it to foods such as toast, yogurt or cereals.

Buying raw organic honey is OK too. Research the resource of the raw honey. It is usually best to buy this natural sweetener from a local farmer’s market. Also, check to see if the bees producing the raw honey were fed sugar. This may change the sugar content of the raw honey.