Top 10 Workouts Outside The Gym

Home workouts and other exercises outside the gym are becoming popular in the modern society. It is advisable to perform aerobics for at least 15 minutes every morning before going to work. Below are top ten workouts that people can do in the comfort of their homes. The article also provides explanations on how these workouts will help their bodies.


It is a strenuous workout designed to gain strength in the upper body. For beginners, they should jump on and off the ground while holding onto something above for stability. It is advisable to do five pull-ups and then rest for 90 seconds.


Press-ups start by placing hands on the floor at a shoulder-width. Individuals should then lower their bodies an inch to the ground and go up while extending the arms. It is a simple home workout for muscle growth and strength of the shoulder joints compared to incline bench press-ups at the gym.

Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press

It involves holding two dumbbells at the height of the shoulders without flaring to the sides. Then, lift the weights above the head while fully extending the arms. This home workout routine should be done carefully to prevent shoulder impingement syndrome.

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Dumbbell Squats

Individuals hold dumbbells in each hand with legs and shoulders width apart. Then, they squat such that the dumbbells are just an inch from the floor. While doing this, the chest should be out and knees above your toes. Squats are all round exercises for building strength.

Roman Rings

This home workout is done by placing the hands in circles and pushing the body up while crossing the feet. Keep moving up and down without the floor. Beginners can do the process slowly to avoid getting tired too fast. It is excellent for building strength in the upper part of the body.

Leg Drop

People who perform this exercise lie on their back with the legs flat and arms on the side. They lift their legs above their bodies and then lower them back to the floor. Then, they repeat the same process slowly. It activates the abdominal muscles and is more efficient than sit-ups.


Walking is a form of exercise enjoyed while watching the scenery. There are times when the weather is not so good outside. It is advisable to go up and down the stairs for some time or just walk around the house. It is a form of aerobic exercise to tone the legs.


Jogging is a home workout that is great for the heart. It can be done while watching TV or even listening to music. A good pair of shoes is essential to get rid of stress on the legs. It is an excellent exercise for the cardiovascular system.


Yoga is a form of home workout that has gained popularity in the recent years. Yoga increases body flexibility, boosts immunity, and aids in digestion. It can be challenging to master the techniques used, but yoga home videos can be of great help.

Skipping Rope

It starts by buying a good rope. Plastic or beaded are more durable than cotton ones. Skip the cord for a few minutes while taking regular breaks. It is excellent for shedding off the extra fat in the body. Also, it improves the heart rate.

Following the exercises mentioned above while at home is beneficial to the body and mind. However, it is advisable to be cautious when performing these workouts outside the gym to avoid unnecessary injuries.