Top 5 Benefits Of Switching To A Plant Based Diet

Today’s society, especially Western society, is meat-heavy and carb-heavy. It is the era of the McDonald’s cheeseburger, of the KFC Double Down, of the Arby’s ‘We Have the Meats’ sandwiches, of the unlimited buttery breadsticks. Animal-based foods can be healthy in moderation, but when they are consumed in excess they can actually lead to a variety of health and wellness issues including increased risks of cancer and coronary disease. Many people find that switching to a plant based diet instead leaves them feeling rejuvenated and purified, and may actually reduce the risk of some diseases. Some of the biggest health benefits of a plant based diet are lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improved blood sugar levels, lower cancer rates, and weight loss. Each of these advantages is discussed in more detail below.

Lower Cholesterol

People might think that plants contain less cholesterol than meats, but the truth is that in fact they contain no cholesterol at all. For people who are trying to watch their cholesterol – for example, people with a predisposition to coronary diseases – this change can be life-saving. Studies have shown strong correlations between a plant based diet and a lowering in both systemic cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease.

Lower Blood Pressure

One major cause of high blood pressure is a deficiency of potassium in the system, which can happen when a diet does not include enough plant based food. Vegetarian foods – especially fruits such as bananas- have very high levels of potassium as well as Vitamin B6 and thus help to regulate blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can in turn lead to reduced levels of stress, headaches, fatigue, and ultimately risk of heart disease.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar is common in today’s society since it is exacerbated by eating excessive amounts of animal products and carbohydrate-heavy foods, which are very predominant in Western culture. One way to help lower blood sugar and get rid of sudden spikes in blood sugar is by incorporating more fiber into the diet. A plant-based diet is a great way to add more fiber and avoid glucose-heavy foods.

Lower Rates of Cancer

Studies have consistently shown that vegetarian or plant based diets lead to lower rates of cancer, while meat and other animal products have been linked to various cancers, particularly in the gastrointestinal and reproductive organs. A plant-based diet that is low in processed grains, refined sugars, and artificial hormones commonly found in meat products is a good choice especially for people who have histories with cancer or family predispositions towards cancer.

Weight Loss

Finally, a major reason to switch to a plant-based diet is weight loss. People who are struggling to watch their weight often find that reducing their meat, dairy, and processed sugar intake makes it significantly easier to lose weight in a healthy, sustained fashion. This is because plant based diets affect the body in a number of ways that can include improving digestion and nutrient absorption, reducing water retention, lowering gastrointestinal inflammation, and providing the body with more of the essential vitamins and amino acids that it needs to function optimally.