Top 6 Hearing Aids Reviews

What exactly is a hearing aid? Well, a hearing aid is a small device that fits in or on the ear. It amplifies sound to help those with hearing loss. There are two basic hearing aid styles. The first style is in the ear (ITE), which are hearing aids that are typically custom fit to the ear of the wearer using an impression taken by a healthcare professional. The other style is behind the ear (BTE), which rests behind or on top of the ear with tubing that leads the sound into the ear canal using a custom fit ear mold. Both styles are available in different colors to blend in with skin tone or hair and there are also designs to suit personal style.

Choosing a hearing aid for the first time may feel overwhelming. When selecting a hearing aid, it is important to consider discreetness, comfort, budget, and the severity of your hearing loss. After all, hearing aids are not a one size fits all deal and what is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another.

Here, we will break down the top 6 hearing aids and everything that you need to know about them when choosing which is best for you.

1. Resound Hearing Aids

Resound values original thinking, solid technology, and design. With the customer in mind, these hearing aids aim to help you continue to connect with others whether it’s in a busy restaurant or while spending time with your family.

Resound hearing aids use Surround Sound, meaning that you will hear 360 degrees of sound. You don’t need to position yourself to hear who is speaking to you. It also utilizes Spacial Sense technology, which makes the sounds around you sound more natural, as well as Binaural Directionality III, which helps you focus on what you want to hear without blocking everything else out.

The ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to control a variety of features of your device right from your smartphone. You can adjust your device in response to the natural sounds in your environment and speech, as well as fine-tune your volume up or down about 6 decibels and adjust the bass and treble of each ear. There is also a “Find My Hearing Aid” function in case your device is misplaced. Not only is the ReSound Smart 3D app convenient but it is also discreet, as you won’t need to reach up to adjust your hearing aid while in public.

2. Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon makes their products with the motto “People First” in mind. Their hearing aids use an “open sound” approach so that multiple voices and environmental sounds can be heard at once, no matter how complex the situation. They have the capability to connect straight to your smartphone and the internet, meaning that you can stream music, movies, and your favorite shows with the sound going directly into your device.

Oticon also offers SafeLine, which is a cord that keeps your hearing aid from becoming lost, damaged, or from falling off of your ear. The cord is available in two lengths and works with all of the Oticon behind-the-ear devices.

3. Phonak Hearing Aids

Keeping the phrase “Life is On” in mind, Phonak creates hearing aids in many styles to suit the needs of your individual lifestyle. They aim to create products that improve your quality of life and reduce the limitations made by hearing loss. Their devices offer both wireless and Bluetooth capabilities with the ability to pair with your smartphone and TV. Phonak hearing aids are available in both rechargeable and battery-powered models.

The Autosense operating system automatically adjusts volume, programs the device, and reduces noise as your surroundings change. One of several models offered is the Lyric hearing aid, which is 100% invisible and makes discretion an easy feat.

4. Signia Hearing Aids

Signia aims to emulate your natural hearing and the sounds in your environment. The Own Voice Processing technology preserves the sound of your speaking voice to make your experience with their hearing aids more familiar. Using Bluetooth, you can stream your phone calls, music, and TV. And the myHearing app acts as your portable hearing care professional.

The available models include rechargeable hearing aids, completely discreet hearing aids, and a variety of sizes to personalize your experience with your Signia device. Signia also utilizes the high-capacity lithium-ion power cell, Pure Charge&Go, which allows the device to last for long periods of time while still offering a natural sound experience.

5. Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey utilizes a variety of technological innovations to make their hearing aids practical and easy to incorporate into your daily life. Their hearing aids use Acuity Immersion Directionality in order to restore the natural benefits that are provided by the ear and to enhance speech audibility in complex listening situations. The devices are rechargeable and repel water, wax, and moisture.

Starkey also offers a tinnitus solution called Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. This program allows your health care professional to incorporate a signal into your device that will mask tinnitus. By masking your tinnitus, you will be less distracted and more able to focus on the activity at hand and the people around you.

6. Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids combine practicality and function with beautiful aesthetics. With a focus on good design both inside and out, these hearing aids aim to perform as efficiently as possible.

Widex includes the Beyond hearing aid, which is made for the iPhone and has a personalized app. The sound and listening settings are adjustable from your phone and you have access to personal pictures and sound templates for specific situations such as going to a social gathering or being outside in a windy park. Widex also offers Zen Therapy, which aims to manage tinnitus so that it doesn’t negatively impact your daily life.

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With there being so many varieties of hearing aids out on the market its understandable that beginning to look for a product can be very daunting. Hopefully us listing the six different hearing aids it still must be hard to choose off of words, if you need more help please check out more tips & reviews on how to get the best hearing aid to fit your needs.