Top 7 Tips To Prevent A Groin Injury

Ice hockey, football and soccer players are the ones who mostly suffer from groin injuries because of the speed by which they put their groins under strain. However, if you in anyway perform physical movements similar to the movements of these athletes, you are liable to suffer the same fate.

Groin injuries result from the rapid pace by which a person changes his speed and direction or when he swiftly reaches for something that is flying past him. There are many types of groin injuries and about 90 percent of athletes suffering from groin pains are also afflicted with groin injuries as well.

For athletes, it is very critical to treat groin injuries if they want to continue to participate in their chosen sport. However, it is also very important to devote their time and energies in learning how to prevent groin injuries. Since you also have a groin to protect, you also need to educate yourself on how to take care of your groin so that it won’t get injured by any physical activity that you may want to engage in.

Yes, there are many kinds of groin injuries. But thankfully, there are also several ways by which they can be prevented. This article will give you 7 tips on how you can prevent a groin injury.

1. Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic stretches can prevent groin injury from happening by increasing the body temperature and inducing the connective tissues to move around a bit. One tip that will help you perform dynamic stretches is the Leg Swing. Here’ how to do it.

Step 1: Stand with your feet and then lift one foot

Step 2: Support your whole weight with the foot left standing on the ground

Step 3: Slowly swing your airborne leg forward, and then behind you as smooth as possible

Step 4: As your body gets use to the movements, start to move your leg faster while increasing the range of your motion

Step 5: Do the same movements 29 times and then repeat the same movements with your other leg

Another dynamic warm up tip that you may want to do is the Gate Stretch Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Stand with your left leg and your right leg off the ground

Step 2: Bring up your right knee to your hip, and then stretch it out from your body. You will have the sensation that your groin is being stretched. This is called “opening the gate”

Step 3: Bring back your knee in front and lower your leg. This is called “closing the gate”

Step 4: Repeat the same series of movements with your left leg while your right leg is supporting your whole weight.