Ways To Enhance Well-Being

Feeling deeply satisfied with your life is one of the best forms of contentment known to man. So, aside from basking on a beach in Tahiti, what are some ways you can simply immerse yourself in feelings of well-being and satisfaction?

Send Endorphins Coursing Through Your Body

Physical activity is one of the best ways to feel good instantly. Endorphins give you a natural “high” which lasts for hours. In those hours, you will treat people with a certain extra deference and warmth, and that will be returned to you, making you feel even better and lasting longer than the endorphin effects.

Exercising, running, jumping jacks in the bathroom during break at work, taking a brisk and fast-paced walk through the greenery outside of your office building, or simply jumping on the treadmill or exercise bike for ten minutes after breakfast will all work.

Solo Meditation

Concentrating your energy, attention, and focus on positive or at least steady feelings produces extremely long-term effects in every single person in the world. Not everyone will take to this very easily. Some people have very agile minds and love using them while at rest. Some people have very agile bodies and love moving around.

You don’t have to find a lotus position (though this is very comfortable if you have the body for it, especially on a nice, thick cushion). You can simply find a comfortable position to sit in or lie back in. Make sure your whole body is very comfortable, with nothing tense or pulling or having to be held up by your muscles.

Then, just let your soul expand out of your body in whatever way this may look in your mind. Breathe in and out, feeling the warmth of your soul envelop and surround your skin. Keep in this open state for about ten minutes, fourteen if you are feeling ambitious. Then, take a deep breath, bring your soul back into yourself, feel the cool natural air on your skin again, and return to your normal day.

Predictable Activities with Friends

Friends make us feel warm, loved, and connected. There is nothing that promotes feelings of well-being quite like engaging in social activities with your friends. However, unless we are natural initiators of fun things to do together, activities between friends may need to be scheduled. To promote higher social connection and to enhance your well-being even further, schedule weekly activities with your buddies. Game night for cards, video games, or watching TV are the most common activities, but more active approaches might include going to a dance club, going bike riding, hiking, or mountain biking together, or simply doing an old-fashioned traveling dinner between several restaurants.

If you want to be active but are not athletic at all, some alternate methods can include horseback riding, seated ziplining, and taking a yoga class with your friends.

Regularly Scheduled Community Events

To increase the increase the social connection and promote quality sleep, have a larger group of people you hang out with besides you intimate circle of friends. Large community activities can include anything put on by your local chamber of commerce, fellow athletes, fellow foodies, and/or fellow world travelers. Try out one community event and see if you might like to keep returning to it on a regular basis. If so, subscribe to their newsletter and start adding those events to your calendar.

Well-being comes from a variety of methods, including a healthy diet and outside activities in the sunshine and fresh air. Well-being is not just about having less stress. It is about feeling really good about yourself and your life and the way it is going.