Ways To Stop Eating Sugar

We all know that sugar doesn’t do us any favors, yet many of us consume excessive amounts on a regular basis. The good news is, there are many alternatives to sugar that will allow you to easily stick to a no sugar diet without depriving yourself of the sweetness that you crave!


Learn How Sugar Hides In Foods

Sugar is lurking in many foods and drinks, hiding behind different names. The first step is to educate yourself on all of the different types of sugar, so you are not inadvertently consuming it. When you look at a nutritional label, make sure you know which items contain sugar and which don’t. If an item contains syrup, molasses, agave or any other ingredients that you should beware of, it contains sugar.


Stock Up On Alternative Ingredients

Keep your kitchen filled with sugar alternatives. For example, many recipes allow you to substitute sugar with ingredients like applesauce or raisins. You don’t have to add sugar to everything you eat in order to make it sweet. Keep in mind that there are many healthier sweeteners that are available.


Eat More Often

If you want to cut sugar out of your diet, try eating more often! A lot of people tend to reach for sugary snacks when they haven’t eaten for a long time. Keep a small bag of nuts or a container of yogurt with you. Plan to eat every two to three hours in order to keep your blood sugar stable. This will stop you from feeling so hungry that you grab the wrong foods, and feel guilty as a result.


Don’t Use Artificial Sweeteners

Using artificial sweeteners sounds like the easiest way to have a sugar-free diet. This is actually one of the worst things you can do. Artificial sweeteners, such as the kind found in diet sodas, actually increase sugar cravings, leaving you more likely to give in and eat foods that are loaded with sugar. While it may take some getting used to, skip the sugar and the artificial sweeteners altogether. Within a few days, you won’t miss them at all!


Figure Out What Causes Your Sugar Cravings

For many of us, it seems that the craving for something sweet and sugary hits, and we can’t stop it. Figure out what is causing you to feel this way. Do you reach for a donut after a meeting with your boss? Or, maybe you are consuming sugary foods and drinks out of habit. It could be that you stop in the local coffee shop for a latte and muffin every morning simply because you are used to doing it. Replace these habits with healthy ones. If you know that your meeting at work will stress you out, keep an apple and some natural peanut butter at your desk to eat afterward. Instead of the latte and muffin, eat a bowl of steel-cut oats before you leave the house. Pretty soon, you will find that these sugar cravings are completely gone.



Living a sugar-free life doesn’t have to be hard. By making some simple changes and knowing what works, you can enjoy a healthier, no-sugar lifestyle!