Why Is Soda Bad For Your Health?

Why Is Soda Bad For Your Health?

Drinking soda is a normal part of daily life for many people. It is so commonplace, that many people don’t think twice about ordering one, but just how bad is soda for the human body?

Soda Side Effects

There is a tremendous amount of sugar in a serving of soda, and sugar turns to fat. Typically this sugar comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which increases triglycerides (think bad cholesterol) and causes cravings. Because sugar turns to fat when it is broken down by the body, drinking soda causes increased body fat.

Some people may think that diet soda is a solution to this problem, but that is not the case. Diet soda tricks the body and can cause cravings, often leading to weight gain. In fact, people who drink diet soda don’t tend to weigh less than those who drink regular soda. Aspartame, a sweetener commonly used in diet sodas, can act as a poison if consumed too often. Symptoms of aspartame poisoning include headache and upset stomach.

Dark sodas in particular contain caramel coloring. It doesn’t add flavor, so its use is purely to give people the familiar look of their favorite colas. The processing of caramel coloring creates a carcinogen, known as 4-MEI, which varies greatly in concentration from brand to brand. Some states have even discussed legislation requiring drink brands to put a warning label on their products, since the concentration of 4-MEI often surpasses the acceptable level of exposure. Such labels might encourage people to avoid soda or, at the very least, know the risk of drinking it.

Soda is loaded with artificial ingredients, including potassium benzoate. When soda reaches a certain temperature, potassium benzoate is broken down into another known carcinogen, benzene. So the soda people drink everyday contains not one, but two known carcinogens? This should be enough for people to avoid it, but it often is not.

Unfortunately, soda is also addictive. The extreme amounts of sugar in soda are hard to find elsewhere, and they can destabilize the blood sugar, tricking the body into wanting more. Thankfully, the cravings pass when people avoid soda for a little while, and many are realizing that they’re better off without it.