10 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has long been touted as one of the cornerstone habits of the highly successful because it has the ability to center, soothe stress and refresh the body in ways that very few other activities can. From Rupert Murdoch to Katy Perry, meditation has been embraced by top performers and achievers, but you don’t need a celebrity bank account to be able to meditate properly. Anyone can do it.

There are countless meditative exercises available online and through smartphone apps like Headspace, which guide the user through various exercises designed to work through specific problems or challenges.

Meditation has deep roots in Eastern religions, specifically Buddhism and Hinduism. It is also tied to the practice of yoga, which also has very profound effects on your personal and spiritual health. For centuries, people have understood the intrinsic link between enhanced mental well-being and regular meditative practices. Let’s explore the benefits!

1. Meditation Increases Patience And Tolerance

There is an epidemic of selfishness and the need for instant gratification in today’s world. With information available at our fingertips and any type of entertainment readily available, we have lost the ability to enjoy the fruits of delayed gratification, and this is where a daily meditative practice can be very beneficial.

Not only will you enjoy greater patience and tolerance for others, which will lead to a kinder and more spiritually fruitful life, you will also find that you are at more peace in your life. No longer will you need to constantly seek distractions in order to win instant happiness. You will be able to be more patient and flexible with your actions, behaving in a more kind and deliberate fashion. You will also be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes, actively empathizing with them and making other people around you happier. Since you will be less quick to anger, you will be more at peace with yourself and be able to reflect back on your day with a sense of accomplishment and peace.

Through daily meditative practice, you will be a more positive person to be around and inspire others to follow your lead of patience and tolerance.