10 Best Senior Living Communities

For individuals who have spent their adult years raising or providing for a family, retirement can signal ultimate rest and relaxation. Many seniors choose to continue living in the homes they’ve paid for over the years, but an increasing majority of seniors are moving out of their homes. These seniors have grown tired of living in neighborhoods with young children and maintaining their home that’s become too large for them since their kids have moved out.

10 best senior living communities

Explore the 10 Best Types of Senior Living Communities Here:

1. Active Adult Living

Active adult living communities are establishments that offer housing for adults above the age of 55 who are still working full or part-time. Therefore, in this context active means people who are still independent and not relying on help from an attendant or caretaker. There will be no staff available for helping with daily chores including taking medication, housekeeping or anything else that the resident may need to get by on a day-to-day basis. Not only that, many of these establishments will even allow children and grandchildren stay for longer periods of time. An active living community is therefore not a retirement community. Activities offered at these establishments can vary. A reason for this is location. According to the Department of Housing survey, most active living communities are located near a city. Therefore, residents can expect to have easy access to cultural and other activities the city offers.