10 Causes of Acute Lower Back Pain

Acute lower back pain is nothing to mess with. It’s most often caused by an injury to the lower back, and it’s treatable and manageable if it’s caught early and treated correctly. This kind of pain is often present regularly, and it’s difficult to make the pain stop if you suffer from it. Some people notice their own acute lower back pain is mild to moderate, and others notice it’s severe and unrelenting. Regardless where you fall on this spectrum, you can have this treated in a way that allows you to find relief from pain.

Understanding the causes of acute lower back pain is complicated. It can happen when you fall, when you’re injured, when you tweak your back doing something completely typical, or from many other issues. It’s not uncommon for underlying health issues to cause lower back pain. If you notice your lower back hurts, it doesn’t mean you have acute lower back pain. It happens when women are pregnant, when they expect their menstrual cycle to begin in a few days, and low back pain can occur in anyone who is coming down with the flu.

1. Back Injury

Most acute lower back pain is caused by injury. That’s the good news. It’s not typically caused by underlying health issues that provide more to worry about than just your back pain. If your back hurts and you recently injured yourself or took part in an activity in which injury might occur, you might not worry as much as you would if you didn’t have any activity in your life recently. Most people notice their back pain when they lift heavy objects, play sports, or you are injured in a car accident or other accident.

There’s not much more you can do than consult your doctor if an injury is the cause of your lower back pain. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist for X-rays to see if there is any damage, prescribe pain medication if you did damage to your lower back, and even advise you to speak with a chiropractor or other professional able to help you combat your lower back pain. These should help your lower back pain, but you might always suffer from pain when you participate in certain activities following an injury to your lower back. It’s a situation you must discuss with your doctor if you’re concerned about your quality of life following any type of accident.