10 Health Benefits Of Acai Berry

Everyone is seeking out super foods like the acai berry to look and feel younger, improve circulation and gain energy. There are certainly benefits to this fruit. In fact, there are more benefits than some may realize.

The acai berry is actually the fruit of a palm tree. This acai palm tree grows freely in South and Central America. The purple fruit is small, round, only about an inch long, but is packed with rich antioxidants. It is noted to have more antioxidants than other berries, including blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Antioxidants are linked to healthier skin, increased energy, clearer thinking and heart health. However, the acai berry can also help in more foundation areas like improving cellular health and increasing libido.

People in Brazil eat fresh acai as a part of their daily diet. Their diet includes fresh berries and fish and that contributes to their overall good health.

Acai berries are versatile. They can be made into pulp, sold frozen, as juice and as a supplementary ingredient in foods like smoothies, beverages and even grain alcohol. The fruit can also be freeze dried, sold as a powdered supplement and in a pill form as a nutritional supplement. Its oil can be used for cooking and the berry is also used in cosmetics.

Below are 10 ways acai berries helps in your health.

1. Promotes Heart Health

The berry promotes heart health primarily because it has monounsaturated fatty acids. Its monounsaturated fats, including oleic acid, is the same as those found in extra virgin olive oil, which has a valid reputation for maintaining a health heart. These fats assists the body in utilizing omega-3 fish oils, leading to lower inflammation and that also reducing heart problems like plague.

The American Heart Association has been promoting increasing fish intake for years because of its omega-3 properties. This nutrients reduce the risk of heart attacks, according to doctors. Utilization of omega-3 helps improve long-term health and has even been associated with longevity.

Being high in the good fats and low in sugar is another way the acai berry promotes heart health.

The fruit also improves blood lipid levels and keeps blood sugar levels under control. High blood sugar and diseases like diabetes increase risk for heart problems. Keeping your blood sugar within the normal range is a good long-term plan to maintain heart health.

Vitamins are also important to heart health and the acai berry is full of vitamins including A, C and E. It also contains other things such as that help overall health, which ultimately promotes heart health.