10 Health Benefits Of Echinacea

Echinacea is a popular natural medicine that has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans and as a folk medicine throughout North America. The echinacea flower is a perennial that grows in the United States and Southern Canada and is widespread in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. There are nine species of echinacea flowers in all. The flower is a member of the daisy family and thrives in open spaces and rocky, upturned soil. The plant can grow to five feet and is best known for its purple cone-shaped flower.

The flower is known to have many health benefits for a variety of ailments. You can buy it in many forms from your herbalist or health food store. The entire plant is beneficial – the plant can be made into a juice as a health elixir, while the flower and root can be used fresh or dried as a tea or in a powdered form. Echinacea was used by the Native Americans to treat a wide variety of health issues such as colds, toothaches, snake bites, and stomach problems. Today, it’s a popular herb that is used as an immune system booster and health enhancer. If you’re wondering how echinacea can help you, read on to see how it can enhance your wellbeing.

1. Boosts Immune System

Do you feel like you’re constantly getting sick or are you exposed to a large cross-section of the public and want to shield yourself from catching a cold? Most of us live in areas where it’s hard to avoid contact with germs; whether you ride public transportation, have kids in school, or shop in a grocery store it’s hard to limit your exposure. That’s where echinacea can help you. Studies have shown that echinacea can help stave off a cold or cut your recovery time in half by producing more white cells in your blood. Medical professionals suggest taking echinacea as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold.