10 Signs of a Pet Allergy

Allergens found on the fur, skin, fluids or droppings from any animal might cause allergies. Unlike what most people think, it is not the pet that triggers an allergic reaction.

Inhaling the fur from a pet can be a trigger. Also, breathing in dander or dead skin from your pet results in a reaction such as sneezing. Other reactions come from dust mites found in your pet’s sleeping area such as a cage or kennel. Your pet can also drop mites on carpets, mats, seats and your bed.

Chemicals found in the urine, saliva or droppings from a pet could cause allergic reactions in some people. The reaction occurs when these chemicals contaminate the air, and they are inhaled. They also trigger a reaction if they get into contact with your skin or absorbed into the body. You get these chemicals from the saliva left on the skin when a pet cleans itself. The fur can also get wet with urine.

1. Sneezing

It is the body’s natural way of getting rid of inhaled foreign bodies. These foreign bodies act as an irritant, and the brain reacts by sending a message to expel them. They can be harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals or physical objects. Fur and dust from pets cause a person to sneeze when breathed in. Some chemicals from the body fluids and dropping from a pet get into the nose and cause a trigger.

A sneeze triggered by an allergen happens when one least expects it. This can happen when one gets into a room, when you get into your car, or after playing with a pet. The body expels up to 100,000 germs in a single sneeze. These germs can travel at a speed of 100 miles an hour and can land very far. To avoid contaminating the air, one is advised to cover the nose and mouth as soon as the sneezing feeling is detected.

If the condition persists, you may require medication. Mild cases can be treated with an antihistamine. If the sneezing is frequent, a doctor may prescribe stronger medication. The best treatment, however, is to identify and avoid the trigger. Severe and frequent attacks may mean finding another home for your pet.