10 Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes (often called adult onset diabetes) has become one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions throughout the country. When a person has type 2 diabetes their body does not produce adequate amounts of enzyme to keep their blood glucose levels in a healthy range. The signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes should be taken seriously. The good news is that through diet, exercise and medication, type 2 diabetes can be treated and even reversed! If you or a loved one are exhibiting any of the below signs, seek out the care of a medical professional as soon as possible.

7 Treatments of Diabetes

1. Excessive Hunger

Any changes to your hunger levels is cause for concern, but a drastic increase in hunger is a classic sign of type 2 diabetes. Most people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes noted that they had an excessive amount of hunger, especially after eating. We are used to feeling full and satisfied after a good meal, so it can be especially unsettling to feel hunger pangs immediately after eating. This sign of type 2 diabetes is one that affects many of those who have been diagnosed as diabetic.

If you are eating a varied and calorie dense diet and are still unsatisfied with feelings of excessive hunger, this could be cause for concern. Consider keeping a food log for one week to see what foods and drinks you are consuming and how satiated you feel throughout the day. A log of this sort will be incredibly helpful to your doctor should you require a visit to discuss your symptoms.