10 Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

There are thousands of brain tumors diagnosed in the United States each year. No one knows for sure what causes tumors, however some risk factors have been identified. For instance, some people have rare genetic conditions that make them more susceptible to developing tumors. Children who receive radiation might also be more likely to develop a tumor later in life.

Ideally, the old cells in the human body are replaced when new cells develop. However, in tumor patients, this normal cell replacement process goes awry. An accumulation of old cells forms and creates a mass of unnecessary cells. This large build-up of abnormal cells is called a tumor.

1. Severe Headache

Headaches are a common symptom of many illness. However a headache on its own is usually not a sign of a brain tumor. In fact, some tumor patients may not experience a headache at all unless the tumor is big enough to cause nerve pressure.

A severe headache is just one sign of a brain tumor. However, many headaches, such as a migraine or tension headache, can be attributed to noncancerous causes. While migraines are painful and can disrupt everyday life, they are generally not life-threatening in the way that a malignant brain tumor is.