10 Symptoms of Agoraphobia

When someone finds themselves afraid to leave home and avoiding public situations, they may suffer from a panic disorder called agoraphobia. This condition is an anxiety disorder and can cause you to stay away from crowds and open areas. You may become flustered and begin to panic when you find yourself in a crowded store, on public transportation. You may become afraid to go to work. These panic attacks are initiated due to the fear of being trapped in an area without being able to escape.

They will not want to leave home, stay away from crowded places and have anxiety problems. Their daily activities can become affected and they are unable to buy groceries for themselves or run errands. They stop participating in group activities such as going to the movies, dinners and spending time with friends. They become afraid of parking lots, bridges and avoid traveling on buses and trains.

If someone is suffering from agoraphobia, they will become uneasy in any closed in spaces and stay away from work. They will not feel safe anywhere outside of their home and require medical attention to help with the condition. There are many ways to treat agoraphobia that include psychotherapy, medications and alternative medicine.

1. Leaving Home

Agoraphobia can make it difficult for you to leave home and go to work. The company you work for most likely will not understand, and you can lose your job. When trying to leave home, you will have trouble breathing and an increased heart rate with lightheadedness. Your entire body may become shaky and unbalanced. You may begin to sweat and become flushed and feel like you will die if you go outside.

Your life will no longer be the same, and you may believe you are losing control. Since people with this condition are unable to take public transportation, this can affect have a major impact on their livelihood. They will be incapable of going to doctor appointments and taking care of daily responsibilities. They may become reclusive and begin avoiding situations that put them in a vulnerable place. This condition can affect all areas of your life and may cause severe depression.

Many people become embarrassed about their condition and do not seek help which can cause them to suffer even more. It is important to seek medical attention when signs of this condition appear. Seeking the appropriate can help you get better and decrease your symptoms dramatically.