10 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In spite of urgings from women’s health groups, teaching hospitals, the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation to have regular mammograms (either annually or every two years), only about 65 percent of women in the United States have had a mammogram in the past two years.

Some women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have even had a mammogram within the last year. Most of these women discover their cancer because of one of these 10 symptoms of breast cancer.

1. Lumps

Finding a lump in your breast is scary, but most lumps are not cancerous. They are usually something less serious.

Lumps that are cancerous are usually firm and irregularly shaped. They might feel like they are attached to the surrounding tissue. Breast lumps can be caused by infections, injuries and hormonal changes or may be harmless cysts. Your healthcare professional will determine whether a biopsy is needed.