10 Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

If you’ve never heard of ulcerative colitis, you’re not alone. It’s a health problem affecting millions, but it’s not one people discuss as often as other health problems. Ulcerative colitis is often debilitating, affecting the lining of the colon, which is also the large intestine. This issue affects the inner lining of the colon, causing some sufferers to face life-threatening health complications. Unfortunately, this is one of the many health problems without a cure, which means you must learn to live with it, treat it, and manage it when it occurs.

Treatment for ulcerative colitis is easier if the problem is found early on, and it’s capable of bringing long-term good health when it’s treated effectively right away. It’s called remission when the symptoms subside and eventually go away, and it’s entirely possible. When discussing ulcerative colitis, it’s imperative you know what signs and symptoms to look for so you can call your doctor right away if you notice these signs and suspect you might suffer from ulcerative colitis. The sooner you have this problem diagnosed and begin treatment the better chance you have of being able to overcome the problem and go into a satisfactory remission. These signs are what you should look for, though the presence of one isolated symptom or even a few could indicate a bevy of other health problems.

1. Rectum Pain

The concept of rectum pain is difficult to pinpoint into one single feeling, but it’s defined well by many of the other most common symptoms of this disease. Rectum pain can mean a number of different things are occurring in your body. It might be a pain you can feel but cannot pinpoint, it might stem from constipation, and it might be a feeling you assume has something to do with your ability to use the bathroom because of constipation. One of the most common problems to look for with rectum pain is weight loss.

When ulcerative colitis is the problem, most people will begin to lose weight in addition to feeling pain in and around the rectum. Many people are willing to ignore this at first because of the weight loss benefits, but weight loss in conjunction with rectal pain is anything but good news for you and your body. Rectal pain that’s combined with any of the following symptoms is even more worrisome, though there could be additional health issues to look out for. Call your doctor to schedule an appointment to have a checkup and ask about the pain. You and your doctor can work together to diagnose your health problem whether right away or by process of elimination.