11 Signs of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression describes a mood disorder of moderate to severe depression that occurs in a woman within a year after the birth of her child, but it most often develops within three months after birth. This mood disorder affects around 14 percent of women. It’s normal for women to experience a mild depressed mood for a few weeks after giving birth, but if it persists then it may turn into postpartum depression.

Doctors believe this condition can be caused by a combination of things both physical and emotional. Some causes are thought to be the sudden change in hormones after birth, sleep deprivation, alcohol or drug use, personal or family history of depression, and if you’re a mother under the age of 20.

1. Insomnia

Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep, lack of quality sleep, waking early, or a combination of all three. Insomnia can happen during any stressful time in a person’s life. Many new parents deal with insomnia right after their child is born. Children often wake during the night and need attending. This cuts into the sleep of an already stressed parent. The lack of sleep can stress you out more, making it even more difficult to get quality sleep.

There are other stressors that can come with a new child. Money may be tighter because of parents taking time off work. Parents may find that they do not have as much time for each other as they did before their child was born. All these stressors can result in a new parent developing insomnia.