6 Reasons To Increase Water Intake

The genetic infrastructure of the adult human body is approximately sixty percent water. Each and every day, we use H2O to nourish our bodies with essential nutrients. Whether consumed in foods, juices, or unflavored, the average male will need to absorb about 3 liters of water while a female requires around 2.2 liters. Infants require even more because their bodies are made of approximately seventy-three percent. Fluids are needed for a child to grow and develop healthily. Variables like age, weight, height and gender factor the exact amount needed for optimal health. Your body is extremely intuitive and will often provide signs if it is not getting an adequate supply.

Your body is capable of healing through natural tactics, you just need to listen. If you are experiencing fatigue, lack of concentration, hard-to-pass stool bowel movements, your body may be crying out for help. Unfortunately, a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that Americans were not drinking nearly enough. Overall, forty-three percent of adults admitted to drinking less than four cups per day, which is just shy of 1 liter. If you are among these statistics, review the 6 reasons to increase your intake of H2O to understand its importance.

Close-up pouring water into glass on a blue background

1. Increase Energy

Feeling sluggish and can’t seem to pinpoint the issue? Put down the anti-inflammatory drug and pick up a bottled water. Dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued even when you are getting enough rest. The human brain is composed of approximately seventy-three percent water so when you are not getting enough, functionality will be lacking. The body uses fluids naturally to execute daily tasks. If the H2O is not replenished, your energy level and concentration will be difficult to maintain. If you are severely dehydrated, all of your organs are negatively affected in some way. That impact will take its toll on how you feel overall.

In dehydration, your body is trying to conserve the small amount of water that you have made available. This deficiency will shock your system and make you slow down. Not sure when your body has consumed enough? There are several indicators that let us know when we are hydrated. What color is your urine? If it is clear to very light, this is a sign that you are drinking enough. If your urine is dark, you are most likely not meeting your daily fluid requirements. To give your body a boost of energy, incorporate more fluids or eat vegetables high in water content.