6 Symptoms Of Mycosis

Mycosis is the name that is used to refer to a variety of fungal diseases that affect the skin. Mycosis infects a variety of animals including humans. The microscopic fungi that cause Mycosis to multiply on the skin surface of the host. The fungi reproduce at own organs. The early signs of the disease are common relapses and grow with time to cause more severe conditions. The medical treatment of Mycosis is quite long and procedural. Fungi that live in humans are mostly found in the mouth, skin, vagina of women and the intestines some of which are harmless. However, when the fungi multiply to large numbers, they mostly cause Mycosis. Various fungi infections affect humans. Cutaneous Mycosis is among the common fungal diseases that affect humans.

Cutaneous Mycosis appear on the human skin due to the multiplication of a variety of the fungi that live in it. Some people tend to think that the lack of hygiene is the only cause of fungal diseases, but the fact is that there are other causes of these infections. Some of the causes include putting on wet and tight clothing such as swimsuits for a long time, wearing closed and synthetic footwear frequently, continued treatment with antibiotics, the typical conditions of hot, humid weather, going to public washrooms in sandals.

The fungi that cause Mycosis belong to the plant kingdom, but they lack chlorophyll. Lack of chlorophyll means that fungi cannot make their food. Therefore, they have to invade other organisms to get food. They mostly infest plants and animals. The other type of Mycosis called Superficial Mycosis is caused by fungi that tend to affect the outer layer of the skin such as feet, nails, groins, vagina, armpits, and scalp. Additionally, there is another group of these fungi that affect the inner organs of the body such as the lungs and the brain. They can even get to the bones.

1. Darkening of skin

The fungi that affect the skin are typically opportunistic. The Cutaneous Mycosis can only affect the skin if it has a wound. These fungi can be managed by maintaining proper treatment of the injury. The other fungi that affect the surface are the dermatophytes. These microscopic plants cause Tineas and have the ability to grow and multiply on hair, skin, and nails. They are mostly found in moist areas such as wet innerwear, wet shoes, sweaty armpits, and vagina. To control dermatophytes, you need to maintain proper body and environmental hygiene. Ensure that you do not go to the public washrooms barefoot or in sandals. Shave your hair and clean the areas that grow hair in your body regularly.

Women should maintain a clean vagina always. People who live in hot, humid places are also very likely to be affected by these fungi. They should consider keep off closed shoes especially when the temperatures are too high. These infections can be treated. Therefore, look for medical treatment anytime you are infected with the disease. Darkening of skin is in most cases caused by skin infections that result from growth and multiplication of these infectious fungal pathogens.