7 Benefits Of Prebiotics

You know you should be taking probiotics for your health, but a new concept, prebiotics, might be unfamiliar. What’s the difference?

Probiotics are the actual bacteria that colonize your gut and help keep your system balanced. They aid digestion and bolster the immune system. You can eat them in foods such as yogurt where they colonize your gut through digestion, or you can take supplements.

Prebiotics are undigestible foods, such as the skin of an apple, that travel through your digestive system, fermenting as they go. When it reaches the large intestine, the fermentation process encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

There are plenty of benefits when you reintroduce beneficial bacteria to your gut, but you don’t want to forget about nourishing bacteria that are already present. Prebiotics work with your natural flora to foster bacteria already living in your digestive system.

Increasing prebiotic fiber intake helps support your immune system, increase bone density, and foster brain health among many other benefits. Our modern diet of processed foods and foods high in sugar decrease the amount of beneficial fiber we get day to day. This diet causes chronic digestion issues, but it also reduces your body’s natural flora.

Let’s look at a few benefits of reintroducing prebiotics to your diet.

1.Improved Digestion

Your gut bacteria is a unique environment. Millions of bacteria help aid in digestion, and without them, food doesn’t digest. You can ingest probiotics all day long, but if you don’t foster their natural environment, those little bacteria aren’t going to flourish.

Think of it like this. You wouldn’t plant seeds in your garden and then leave out the water, would you? Sure they might sprout with the dew, but the seedlings aren’t going to be healthy or thrive. Most likely, they’ll die off after a few days.

Your gut bacteria need the same kind of treatment as a garden. You have to give them what they need to thrive. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of your gut’s native flora and help them thrive.

They also balance good bacteria with bad. The gut flora also regulates toxins in your digestive system, so if those colonies are healthy, they’ll do a better job of keeping inflammation down in your digestive system.

The other benefit is that you’ll be able to use the fiber you’re consuming. Fiber isn’t something your body can digest normally. However, prebiotic fiber ferments, and your body can use it rather than passing it directly through the system undigested. Better prebiotics, better gut flora, better digestion, and improved bowel movements.