7 Signs Of Fregoli Syndrome

Fregoli Syndrome is a very rare psychological disorder in which a person experiences delusions that lead him or her to believe that a single person is actually multiple different people. It is a delusion misidentification syndrome, also known as a DMS. The condition is named after the famed Italian actor: Leopold Fregoli. During his stage performances, he would make abrupt changes to his appearance.

In 1927, a 27-year-old woman’s case was analyzed by a team of top psychiatrists; the case notes suggested that the woman was being pursued and persecuted by two different actors whom she frequently saw on stage during various theater performances. She believed that she was being heavily pursued by these actors, and that they had taken on the form of people she actually knew or had met. She was given the diagnosis: Fregoli syndrome.

1. Delusions And Hallucinatory Episodes

The delusion and hallucinogenic phase of Fregoli syndrome is the most anxiety-inducing for the patient. Diagnosing a person with Fregoli syndrome is very easy, because every case presents much in the same way with the same set of triggers and delusions. Since 1927, however, only about 50 documented and diagnosed cases have been discovered. It is a very rare disease, with the hallucinations and delusions thought to be the result of a distinct type of brain tumor. Patients suffering from Fregoli syndrome have often been diagnosed with other psychiatric or mental illnesses. Sufferers have the delusion that people are going out of their way to change their visual appearance to harm the sufferer in some capacity.

They have excessive amounts of paranoia about the imposters they see following them. Sufferers of Fregoli syndrome often appear as if they are out of touch and spaced out, and they often demonstrate schizophrenic tendencies. Due to their confusion, they may have outbursts of mania and verbal or physical aggression towards their perceived pursuers or random people in a crowd.