7 Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes or dry eye syndrome is a condition in which the eyes are constantly dry. This condition can spring from wearing contact lenses, tear gland dysfunction, allergies, pregnancy, vitamin A deficiency and the intake of certain medications. Insufficient number of tears produced and an increased evaporation of the tear film on the surface of the eye lead to this uncomfortable condition.

The tear film produced by the lacrimal glands protects the eyes surface from scratching and damage. That is why dry eye has to be treated to protect the eye from potential scratching. The first line of defense is getting artificial teardrops assigned to the patient or treating the underlying causes of dry eye syndrome.

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People with dry eyes should avoid smoky and dry environments, air conditioners, and fans as much as possible. In wintertime, a humidifier can add moisture to the dry air indoors and relieve dry eyes.

Here are the symptoms that point to one suffering from dry eye and the measures to be taken to improve their condition:

1. Eye Redness

Red eyes can occur in one or both eyes. It can be accompanied by other signs of dry eye or not. The range of red varies and can be medium or very red. It could only be a few enlarged blood vessels or pink lines across the white of the eyes. In harsher cases, the red can be noticed straight away by other people. It is one of the common signs of dry eyes. A doctor should evaluate the symptom of red eyes and what it is exactly pointing to as there could be many things causing it. This includes allergies, pink eye, and tired eyes. If it is a symptom of dry eyes the gritty feeling, burning, blurring and heavy eyelids will be the accompanying symptoms to red eyes.