7 Symptoms of Thrush

Thrush is a rash developing inside the mouth. The fungus candida is causing this problem. Known by the medical world as yeast, candida is a common element in the body. The fungus can affect adults and children. In babies, the fungus causes what is commonly recognized as diaper rash. Thrush develops in babies due to undeveloped immune systems and in adults with problematic immune systems. The body has ways of fighting infections. However, the fungus that causes thrush is a natural part of the digestive tract.

1. Pain while swallowing

Most people expect pain while swallowing to occur with a cold or too much shouting at sporting events. However, it can be brought on by an infection of the mouth called thrush. This is referred to as oral thrush and may create a feeling of something blocking the throat when food or drink is being swallowed.

The feeling of itching and burning may transfer to physical patches in the mouth. The inability to swallow without pain may prevent the enjoyment of food or drink. However, a cool drink may assist the fever and relieve swelling, since discomfort is caused by inflammation.