7 Ways to Cure Hangovers

If you’ve ever had a night out with the lads or ladies that ended up getting a little wilder than you anticipated, you’ve probably experienced a hangover. In fact, if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you have one right now. The causes of hangovers are actually not yet fully understood, but many factors are believed to take part in the perfect storm that your body endures when you’ve been just a little too abusive to your liver.

The most widely known and scientifically agreed upon cause of a hangover is dehydration. This comes from a number of changes alcohol causes in your body. For one, alcohol itself is a diuretic. This means it flushes water out of your body and makes you urinate more than normal, as you may already be familiar with. Additionally, alcohol actually increases the rate at which water can literally evaporate out of your body, causing you to lose substantial amounts of water to the air around.

Alcohol also has a wide array of other effects on your body. It drops your blood sugar, is metabolized by your body into very toxic chemicals, puts you in a malnourished state, weakens your body’s immune system, and can carry a number of congeners with it that can possibly exacerbate the severity of a hangover. With these multi-faceted causes in mind, let’s look at seven of the best cures to help when you have a hangover.

1. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is an electrolyte drink that was originally intended for very young children. When kids get sick at a young age it can be hard to keep their small volume sufficiently supplied with fluids and electrolytes, so Pedialyte was introduced it was marketed, and still is for the most part, as a way to keep sick children at a safe hydration level.

Before long, however, people began to realize that the hydrating blend of electrolytes and nutrients was incredibly effective in treating hangovers. This is most likely due to its ability to fight dehydration, which is one of the major causes of a hangover. In fact, Pedialyte is so effective at hydrating you that Olympic athletes in countries where Gatorade isn’t available often drink things like this instead.