7 Ways to Prevent STDs

A diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease, especially a life-threatening one, is frightening. Sexually transmitted diseases, commonly abbreviated as STDs, range in how serious they are. Still though, virtually all of them require some level of treatment and attention. The best way to prevent problems with these diseases is to avoid getting one in the first place. While you may think that the only solution is to avoid engaging in sexual intercourse, you have other options to protect yourself.

In fact, sexual intercourse is not even the only way that you could end up with a sexually transmitted disease. Dispelling myths about STDs is important, but so is knowing the truth. For example, as you will learn, you could acquire an STD from an infected towel. While you don’t want stress and anxiety about contracting an STD to take over your life, you should implement some strategies to keep yourself as safe as possible.

1. Use Condoms

One of the best ways to avoid getting an STD is to wear a condom or have your partner wear a condom every time that you engage in sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that different condoms have different degrees of effectiveness when it comes to combating sexual transmitted diseases. Some people confuse condoms and birth control. While both can work to prevent pregnancy, only condoms protect against STDs. Remember that condoms do not offer 100 percent protection against STDs.

It’s more than just wearing the condom though. You need to make sure that the condoms aren’t expired and that they don’t have tears in them. A condom could also slip off during intercourse, so make sure you are aware of this situation. Some people will put on double the condoms because they think that doing so offers a double layer of protection. This assumption is false as the friction between the two condoms could actually cause one or both of them to rip, thereby leaving you exposed to a sexually transmitted disease.