8 Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a frequent occurrence in men and women and often presents itself with thinning hair on the scalp, as well as receding hairlines or uneven patches of hair loss. Some instances of hair loss occur across the entire body, and other occurrences are much more limited in nature. Scientists believe hair loss in men usually occurs because of genetics and a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Female hair loss does not yet have a single cause that’s widely accepted by scientists or researchers.

Approximately half of all men who reach the age of 50 will experience hair loss, and around 25 percent of females will see some thinning on the scalp or general hair thinning. Many victims of hair loss turn to dermatological solutions, plastic surgery, and pharmacological remedies to stop or reverse the progression of hair loss. However, many individuals who experience hair loss simply accept the condition and believe it is a part of the aging process.

1. Thinning on Scalp

Loss of hair impacts everyone, and losing a few strands a day isn’t something to feel concerned about. General wisdom suggests the average human sheds around 100 hairs every single day due to brushing and active lifestyles. Simply pulling a sweater over your head can result in a few lost hairs. However, losing enough hair may be a symptom of pending baldness that will eventually cause the scalp to become visible. Signs and causes of thinning hair may include hormonal imbalances or deficiencies in vitamin B12 or iron. Stress can also cause hair loss, and the condition is common in both men and women.