8 Symptoms of Emphysema

Emphysema is a devastating lung disease that affects millions of people. The number was over 4 million people all the way back in 2011. The condition occurs in many people who are over 45 years of age. The causes vary from rare hereditary situations to smoking and environmental contamination. Drug use, immune system problems and connective tissue problem can cause the disease to occur, as well. Doctors usually diagnose emphysema with a mixture of chest X-rays, lab tests and pulmonary tests such as peak flow monitoring.

What emphysema does specifically is it causes the air sacs to inflate excessively. The scientific name for the air sacs is the alveoli. The alveoli eventually become so inflamed that they lose their normal elasticity. That causes a heap of problems for the sufferer, up to and including a rupture or a complete lung collapse. The violent coughing that occurs when someone has emphysema is one the There are four stages of emphysema that a person may experience before getting to a life-threatening situation. The body will show a wide variety of symptoms depending on which stage the person who has the disorder is in. The following are some of the many signs and symptoms that a person may experience during the various stages of emphysema.

1. Frequent Lung Infection

One common symptom of people who have the emphysema disease is a frequent lung infection. An individual may find that he or she gets bronchitis or some other type of infection several times a year instead of just once every few years. The individual may also feel malaise or fatigue a majority of the time because of the emphysema. Furthermore, the lung infections may seem to have super-slow healing processes. One infection may take several months to subside, for example. Those are signs that a person is not healthy, and that person has to get to the root of the problem.